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ServicebedingungenService Conditions

Terms of service & support

1) General
Please complete the RMA form. We then notify you your RMA number. to return and the Delivery address with. Returns without an RMA number will be of our receiving not accepted!

2) Error Description
Describe error description as much detail as possible. For products that arrive without any precise description of the error ("broken", "repair", "making noises"etc.) with us, we send the goods may not work for a service charge of 25. - EUR plus shipping costs and VAT back.

3) Unjustified complaints 
In the case of unjustified complaints (no error detected, operator error, non-manual) respect the goods and a processing fee of 45. - € plus shipping costs and VAT returned. We reserve the right in these cases, a further calculation in fees from our suppliers.

4) Packaging
Please use the return delivery only the original packaging, as only they provide adequate protection against damage. If this could not be found, you can also relate to us or use your own, sufficient transport packaging. Improper packaging of the warranty is at risk. For any resulting damage, the warranty claim. Please note the packaging regulations with our swing package.

5) Quotations
The preparation of cost estimates is payable if the performance of the repair will be rejected. A cost estimate will be at least 35. - Euro plus VAT. The disposal of the defective unit is charged additionally 17.50 EUR.

6) Shipping cost
SR SYSTEM-ELEKTRONIK GmbH will cover transport costs for their return of goods for repair under the warranty to you. The cost of transportation and insurance of goods for repair to the SR SYSTEM-ELEKTRONIK GmbH with the sender. (note for example mailing your delivery charge) COD shipments, the assumption is rejected.

7) Delivery 
Delivery is available from monday till friday in the time between 8:00 and 17:00 o`clock.

8) Data Loss
SR System-Elektronik GmbH expressly assumes no liability for loss or alteration of data (eg on hard drives, tape drives, BIOS settings) during a repair or configuration.

9) Final Provisions
SR System-Elektronik GmbH reserves the right to amend these TOS at any time or add to them. In addition, the terms and conditions of SR System-Elektronik GmbH as recognized.