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Glass surface reflects

Sunlight or artificial light reflected from glass, can severely restrict views and also carries a high risk potential. With the glass panes used by us Panes of CONTURAN ® is the complete and clear view so the full view of what counts guaranteed. CONTURAN ® has already Dashboard covers, train destinationdisplayboards, computer TV and front panels and more successful. Basically CONTURAN ® used anywhere will find reflections interfere. This is to a two sided, non-reflective glass Entspiegelungsfarbe: green 1.1. The transmission is 92% or better. The optimized residual green reflection color, is much more color-neutral. This will continue to receive a very small residual reflection of less than 1% and while a neutral look of the glass due to the optimized residual reflection color. In contrast to chemically roughened glass is thereby the anti-reflective only at active screen. For chemically treated glass panes causes Roughening a slightly blurred image. Chemically anti-reflective glass is easily on a surface roughened. These low-cost anti-reflection coating is designed to harsh industrial applications. For the optical AR coating on both surfaces are active Layers by vapor deposition, similar to the remuneration of Lenses. This disc creates brilliant images but is sensitive to fingerprints or mechanical Load. The technology of optical AR coating: A special dipping process in which metal- Groups, so the anti-reflective on the Float glass are then fired. 

The Basic benefits:

  •  reduce the noise reflections
  •  Good view of dimly lit elements 
  •  High transmission, contrast improvement 
  •  chemical resistance and abrasion resistance
  •  Easy to clean

20 ": display 1600x1200 on 19"?

With the discontinuation of 20 "displays with the high resolution of 1600x1200, the question of an alternative arises. One possibility with roughly the same size is a 19" display. However, a 19 "TFT offers a maximum (native) resolution of 1280x1024. With a suitable A / D converter, the high resolution of 1600x1200 can be displayed interpolated, which, however, leads to a loss of quality in the image display.