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REACh - Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, Article 33

Obligation to provide information on substances in articles
SR SYSTEM-ELEKTRONIK GmbH is a manufacturer and trading company for electronic and electromechanical components (products). It is fully aware of the REACh requirements and has identified its obligations as a dealer and importer of products to the best of its knowledge and belief. 
SR SYSTEM-ELEKTRONIK GmbH is located within the EU. For suppliers located within the EU, we act as distributor. Here, suppliers must meet the requirements of REACh. For suppliers not located within the EU, we act as an importer of products and have the applicable obligations for that. Further information on REACh requirements for component suppliers and device manufacturers can be found in a free guide at www.BOMcheck.net.
SR SYSTEM-ELEKTRONIK GmbH is not subject to any pre-registration or registration obligation, as it does not sell any products that release substances during their intended use. 
SR SYSTEM-ELEKTRONIK GmbH is in constant contact with all its suppliers in order to ensure the exchange of information and the availability of products.
SR SYSTEM-ELEKTRONIK GmbH monitors its obligations with regard to the "candidate list" (www.echa.europa.eu/candidate-list-table). According to our current knowledge, our products do not contain more than 0.1 mass % of SVHC substances per product, which are mentioned in the candidate list (see European Chemicals Agency EChA at www.echa.europa.eu). Due to the constant unannounced changes of the REACh candidate list we have decided to update our information only if one of the substances should exceed the mentioned 0.1% limit. Only then are we, as a downstream user, obliged to pass on this information in accordance with Art. 33.

Date: January 2011